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In 1990, Sea Transport Management (W.A.) was established in Western Australia to represent and service the container traffic from Italy to Australia. Our ability to provide a personalized and efficient service proved to be a success, and in doing so, has enabled us to grow and become one of the leading international freight forwarders and logistics providers in WA.

Over the past 26 years, Seatram has grown from a “one man” operation to a healthy compliment of staff in Western Australia. Our growth is not only attributed to an excellent service but our managements focus on hiring and retaining the most dedicated and professional people within the shipping & transport industry.

Due to strategic planning, acquisitions and experience over the years have allowed Seatram to stay at the fore front of the industry in WA. As the market and the ever changing economic climate evolve, whether your company is a small enterprise or a multinational servicing international markets, the Seatram team of professionals will understand your needs and are determined to make the impossible become possible.

Seatram is a WA owned family business and prides itself on values of integrity, commitment and loyalty. We would like to invite you, our customers & suppliers, to visit us and see exactly what Seatram have to offer.




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Sea Transport Management (W.A) Shipping Agents and Freight Forwarder in Perth
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