Helpful Tips for Getting Ocean and Air Freight Rates and Quotes

Getting accurate quotation in freight rates and selecting the method of payment are important elements in shipping your cargo whether it is international or domestic.

In freight forwarding, prices depend on the form of the commodity, the mode of transport (air or ocean freight), the weight of the shipment, and the distance from the origin to the final point of destination. Majority of shipping services through air carriers use dimensional weight for computing prices, which considers both weight and volume of the shipment.

The cost which individual or business providing commodities for shipment, or the company to whom goods are shipped is charged for the transit of cargo by many factors. The factors that contribute to freight rate are: weight size, mode of transportation, distance, final point of pickup and delivery, and the actual commodities being shipped. These factors have their own independent role in determining the price or rate. The mode of transportation to be used in delivering the freight to its final point of destination has a great effect on the freight quotation on rates and prices. International and local authorities have their laws and regulations regarding the size, weight, and mode of freight. In a general sense, the more commodities you transport through freight, the cheaper it is to ship. This is an important truth in the rate and price charges to individuals or companies freight ratesshipping freight.

Cheap freight rates and prices or low logistics costs for services should not be the sole factor when choosing a forwarder. Freight forwarding is a service that must be treated with precision when inquiring for and seeking out a forwarder as your partner. There are freight forwarders who offer teaser prices and rates to customers for the purpose of roping them in and then charging higher rates and prices for other services and fees. This act is unethical and time consuming for individuals or companies.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to get the forwarder’s price list information for free! The best thing to do is to contact at least 3 freight forwarders. Call them and ask for a copy of their price list or brochure. It will become easy for you to compare prices between competing freight forwarders. Your chosen freight forwarder will become your outsourced logistics company and must have a full concern and understanding of your operations, company requirements, and processes. The only way freight forwarders can do the job right for you is if you provide them with the information necessary in order to precisely scope out all your logistic needs.

You can also save money when planning shipment by visiting online. Making comparisons online is very easy. Majority of freight forwarders have their own websites. They can provide you with instant freight rates and price quotations online. Also, in their websites, freight forwarders can offer arrangements depending on your freight needs, not just to get a competitive quotation but also to save your money and time.



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