Most Effective Method to Get Air Freight Quotes

A vital step in the global shipping process is getting the right air freight quote. That is why a lot of international shippers are very careful when obtaining freight rates from different freight forwarders. To get more accurate air freight rate, you should provide your freight forwarder with the right information.

Air Freight Rates Depend on Your Type of Shipment

Identify the category of your consignment to secure a correct air freight quote. Details count a lot so be ready with full names, contact details and type of cargo. The kind of shipment is important in hassle-free shipping. Special regulations and insurance coverage apply to different items. For example, rules are not the same for unprocessed lumber and finished wooden furniture. There is also a big difference between household appliances and industrial or office equipment. Consider all these factors before you request for an air freight quote.

Tell your forwarder what you want to ship before asking for the air freight quote. You should know if the consignment is acceptable or not. It also important to determine the transport mode that is appropriate for your cargo. Transportation and size of containers will affect the air freight quote and total consignment cost.

Dimensions and Weight of Your Package to Determine the Right Air Freight Quote

Measurements and weight are also important to your air freight quote. Cargo rates generally depend on these factors. Your next option is ocean freight if the estimate is too expensive. The freight forwarder company must be aware of the ports of origin and destination. There are several options like airport to port, door to door, and airport to door. The air freight quote will vary significantly based on these choices. Likewise, pick-up and drop-off of merchandise also have bearing on the final air freight quote.

Unpredictable Air Freight Quote Rates

International shippers should understand that cargo transport rates are volatile. You will be surprised that the air freight quote is different every time you ask for one. Prices keep on changing unless your company is a large retail corporation that ships goods on a regular basis. In general, the air freight quote changes every month. Get the quotation within one month of importing or exporting if you want a more affordable rate. Plan ahead. Create a budget for your shipment. Call the freight forwarder for advice about prevailing shipment rates. Seek out at least three suppliers and estimates so you can compare prices carefully. You can rely on freight forwarders who have been making shipments to Australia for some time before making a decision.



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