What to Look for When Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarding involves coordination and shipping of commodities, products, and goods from one place to another or from one country to another through a single or multiple reliable carriers, in global market, via air and/ or marine.

A freight forwarder organises shipments for individuals or corporations, small businesses or big scale businesses, to get goods from the producer to a market or to a customer.

A freight forwarder that you will choose should be a trustworthy partner for all your logistics needs, a forwarder that will do the job right for you. In the fast paced world we have today, we’re relying on product chain optimisation, timeliness, consistent reliable service, and cost efficiency. So as a shipper, importer, or exporter, you must be a bit choosy with regards to which freight forwarder to work with.frreight forwarder perth

Here are some tips in selecting a freight forwarder fit for you and your company.

1) Knowledgeable About Your Internal Requirements – You have to know your specifics before looking for a forwarder. Identify what type of transport, whether it is by air or sea, and what services you need. And also, know the volume of your shipment before calling a forwarder.

2) Search About the Freight Forwarding Industry – You have to know what a forwarder can and cannot do for you. And also, you have to know both your responsibilities as a shipper and their responsibilities as a freight forwarder. You may need to read some regulations, related blogs, industry terms, international treaties, and all that is required for shipment.

3) Capable of Handling Multiple Types of Shipments – Check whether your freight forwarder is able to manage multiple types of shipments – ocean and air freight. Make sure your freight forwarder have the experience and have partners around the world to handle your shipment needs.

4) Experienced Freight Forwarder Suitable for Your Needs – Commodities vary in type and volume, from cars to machinery, from perishables to hazardous, etc. The freight forwarder should have ample experience in using different modes of transport, and have a good understanding and knowledge about shipping regulations, origin, and destinations. If a freight forwarder cannot do these tasks, ask about experiences they’ve had in the type of commodity you ship. Most of the time, they will refer to an experience they’ve had on a similar shipment they’ve handled for other customers that they’ve worked with before.

5) Member of Trade Associations or Forwarding Networks – Membership to reputable freight forwarding associations requires integrity, financial stability, efficiency in operation, and other requirements. If you choose a freight forwarder that is a member of a respectable association, the chances of getting a forwarder that can handle your shipment with care and diligence significantly is high.



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