Our Staff

Over the past 26 years, Seatram has grown from a “one man” operation to a healthy complement of staff in Western Australia. Our growth is not only been attributed to an excellent service but our managements focus on hiring and retaining the most dedicated and professional people within the shipping & transport industry.
By rewarding and recognizing their achievements and offering them a pleasant and comfortable working environment, we are able to keep the right people who ultimately keep Seatram at the forefront of their peers. We take great pride in introducing our staff to you..

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Mark Patterson
Managing Director

Mark started in the Shipping Industry in 1973 working for Seabridge Australia. He spent 9 years with the company gaining experience in a variety of positions, ultimately in the position of State Sales Manager.In 1977, Seabridge Australia transferred Mark to work with their principle Lloyd Triestino, Trieste, Italy to work in their head office for 14 months. A valued experience for his professional career as well as gaining a 2nd language, Mark speaks fluent Italian.

In 1981 he commenced in the International Freight Forwarding Industry, working with 2 International Companies.

In 1990 Mark opened Seatram – Sea Transport Management (WA) in-partnership with Seatram Italy. Mark has been driving the business for some 26 years now and is still actively involved in the day to day running of Sea Transport Management (WA).

Adrian Tranchita
Operations Manager

After studying International Business, Adrian joined the Freight Forwarding Industry in 2000 with Seatram as Import Customer Service. He spent 4 years in the Import Department handling day to day import duties.Between 2004-2006 Adrian moved into Export Projects and was responsible for co-ordinating / consolidating containers from Fremantle to mine sites through-out Africa.

Between 2006-2009 Adrian moved back to Imports as Cartage Co-ordinator and handled Local transport movements for all import shipments.In 2009 Adrian was promoted to Import Supervisor.

In 2012 Adrian was promoted to Operations Manager.

David Onoforo
Business Development Manager

David studied International Business and then joined the Shipping Industry in 1999 working for MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company). He spent 11 years in various departments within the company such as Transhipments, Customer Service, Scheduling, Marine Operations & Vessel Planning.In 2010 he then joined Stevedoring Solutions Pty Ltd and was then sub-contracted back to MSC as the National Vessel Planner. He spent 2 years Managing vessels through all ports in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific, attending to planning of the vessels and ensuring vessels arrive and depart in each port safely.

In 2012 David joined Seatram as Business Development Manager.

Carla Onoforo
Import Customer Service

Carla has had an association with Seatram since 1999. She now handles Import Customer Service and is responsible for the following duties:

Sea Freight
LCL registration
Deliveries and invoicing

She liaises with all shipping lines for transhipment advice and is in contact with customs brokers on a daily basis

Gemma Patterson

Gemma joined the Freight Forwarding Industry in 2005 as an Import Operator / Receptionist. She spent 1 year handling Import Registrations, documentation, invoicing and deliveries. She was also responsible for all reception duties.Between 2006 – 2008 she moved to Landucci Coffee Supplies as Office Administrator. She spent 2 years handling all accounting duties (receivables / payables) for the business.

Between 2008 – 2010 Gemma moved to the Commonwealth Bank and held the position of Teller / Personal Lender.

In 2010 Gemma joined Seatram as Accounts / Administration.

Sheryl Ivicevic
Client Liaison Officer

Sheryl joined Seatram in 2016 as Client Liaison Officer, she has a vastknowledge of experience as she has worked in the Industry since 1999.
She liaises with our overseas agents, customs broker & shipping lines on
a daily basis for Seatrams key clients.

Caroline Rossi De Albuquerque
Client Liaison Officer

Caroline joined Seatram in December 2014 as Client Liaison Officer. She started in the industry in 2002 working for a freight forwarder in Brasil.After migrating to Australia in 2006, Caroline continued working in the freight forwarding industry in Sydney, before moving to Perth in June 2012.

Caroline oversees one of our largest import accounts as well as handling all of our export shipments. She is also responsible for dealing with new

She is also an acknowledged authority in the use of EDI Enterprise, the standard operating system for freight forwarders.

Courtney Boschetto
Import Operations

Courtney joined Seatram in 2016 as Import Operations, she has a vastknowledge of experience within the Freight Forwarding Industry.