So then what sorts of issues can delay delivery?

Generally a delay will occur because of one of the following reasons.

  • ‘an act of god’ i.e. ocean conditions – excessive stormy seas, piracy, shipping accidents, or flight delays due to bad weather conditions. Happily this happens very infrequently.
  • Strikes, wars.
  • Incorrect or late paperwork. This can happen with regard to the customer or the supplier presenting incorrect or late commercial invoices or other necessary paperwork to their customs broker or forwarder thus holding up the documentation process this end. Unhappily – this is the most common reason for delays and is outside of our control. Correct and accurate paperwork from you is very important.
  • Short shipments by both air and sea – this can happen during busy periods of the year – again we have no control over this.  Airlines and shipping lines have limited space and may be overbooked.
  • a random custom check