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Completed customs clearance process and how it work?

Customs DeclarationThe completed customs clearance process can sound pretty intimidating to someone hearing it for the first time – and rightly so. It involves intricate details and processes often unknown by anyone not in the business. Thus said, our goal is to make it easily understandable for anyone looking to make the most educated purchasing decision. For this, we need to start at the end.

When the customs clearance process is complete, it means that the item has cleared the customs of the receiving nation and is available for onward transition to its destination. But before this can happen, a series of processes need to take place as part of the clearance procedure. This involves the preparation and submission of all documents required to facilitate export or import into the country while representing the client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and the delivering of cargo from customs after a successful clearance.



Some of these documents include:

  • Purchase Order from Buyer;
  • Sales Invoice;
  • Packing List;
  • Shipping Bill;
  • Bill of Landing or Airway Bill; and
  • Certificate of Origin.

On top of this, some freight forwarders take care of everything from commercial warehouse storage, the packing and unpacking of containers, unconventional cargos, quarantine wash pads and an array of additional services with the use of specialist third-party logistics (3PL) that reduce costs and improve supply chain management.

If you require any more information or would like some advice specific to your needs, Seatram would be happy to assist wherever possible. Contact us for advice or exact customs handling fees. For more Freight forwarding advice please see our other articles.