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Seatram – Making The World A Smaller Place

As an expert in local and international shipping and logistical services in Perth, Western Australia, Seatram is the best option for getting your cargo from point A to B. We are here to make your local or international shipping as easy, cost effective and seamless as possible. Whatever the freight you need to send overseas, or locally, we’ll and make sure it arrives at its desired destination on time and within budget.

International shipping with air and sea freight solutions can be daunting for people who have never sent a parcel overseas. Our highly qualified and experienced staff is here to make things easier for you. As an industry-leading international courier we are known for going above and beyond for our clients and answering any questions, whether you are wondering how to send things overseas from Australia, how to estimate the shipping time from China to Australia or what the cheapest way of shipping internationally is.

Seatram not only transports goods from and to Australia but we are part of an international group and are able to transport anything to anywhere. We specialise in all modes of transportation, including air freight, sea freight and land freight. No matter what kind of freight you need transported, we have the right shipping solution at the right price. And we’ll make sure your goods arrive at its destination in good condition.

Exemplary Customer Service

Being an international courier service that’s been in operation since 1990, our customer service standard is above industry level and we always ensure that our operation implements the Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

We continuously strive to improve our systems and service quality, ensuring that you get the very best service available. This includes annual formal monitoring, auditing, reviewing, and reporting on all procedures based on defined objectives. These are all integrated and implemented by our well-trained staff.

Our years of experience has resulted in a highly streamlined system, which allows us to offer clients competitive international shipping rates, making us one of the cheapest international shipping companies.

Air Freight Services

Individuals and companies searching for a reliable international courier often ask, “What is the best way to ship internationally?” Air freight forwarding is one of the most efficient solutions for the importing and exporting of freight, offering a variety of delivery speeds to suit your requirements. Our global air freight makes the world a smaller place and will ensure the safe and timely arrival of your goods to your desired location, local or international.

Sea Freight Services

Clients often ask, “What are some cheap ways to handle international shipping?” or “How much does it cost to send a container overseas?” Sea freight forwarding serves as an economy international shipping solution for individuals or companies that need to transport large items. Seatram is a leading international shipping company with over 30 years’ experience in the careful handling and transportation of cargo. Our streamlined systems allow us to offer you a highly competitive international shipping quote. We also prepare and lodge import documentation with the clearance requirements of international freight into Australia.

Land Freight Services

Time-dependent land freight remains one of Seatram’s most trusted forms of transportation in the form of trucking and rail services. We have fixed land freight partners around the globe that are all evaluated on a regular basis to ensure performance, pricing and timely deliveries. We pride ourselves on detailed organisation that eliminates your exposure to risk and ensures that your budget is met without fuss or unnecessary waiting periods.

Customs Clearance Services

As something that can have a significant and lasting impact on your company practices and operating costs, Customs Clearance is an important factor that needs to be treated accordingly. Seatram specialises in the clearance of all modes of transport while also preparing and lodging documents to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Furthermore, to make your overseas shipping as seamless as possible, we facilitate onsite customs and biosecurity inspections where necessary.

3pl Services

3PL is a known, proven, and highly mature strategy that delivers near immediate financial and operational performance efficiencies. This assists companies in reducing costs and improving supply chain management. Seatram is a 3PL provider that specialises in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customised to our clients’ unique needs.

Freight Tracking

Tracking enables peace of mind in knowing that your cargo is safely on route to its destination. This is one of Seatram’s added benefits and seen as an essential part of the holistic transportation solutions that we offer our clients.

Any questions?

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We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Whether you are wondering how to estimate the shipping time from China to Australia, what are the cheapest shipping services from Australia to NZ or what is the best way to ship to Australia from the U.S & Europe.