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Along with our specialist air freight services and sea freight services that have enabled us to become one of WA’s leading international freight forwarders, Seatram also specialises in rail and road freight transport in Australia. We deliver a full-service solution to cover all of your land cargo transport and logistics needs and are available day and night for your part or full transports across the country.

At Seatram, we have a personalised approach to land freight transport and deliver customised solutions to the unique requirements of our individual clients. This has enabled us to become one of the most sought-after interstate freight companies in Australia with a reputation of high-quality transportation that is always on time and on budget. We continuously uphold the highest possible standard of work at any one of our facilities and ensure that our operation implements the Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

We have fixed land freight partners around the globe that guarantee availability of the required loading capacity, even in high-demand periods. All our partners are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure performance, pricing and timely deliveries. And we continually strengthen our core service offerings with innovative technology, facilities and systems that help to provide your business with a competitive advantage.

Reliable Rail Transport in Australia

Seatram’s rail freight services include secure and reliable cargo transportation throughout Australia, from single carriage loads to entire trains. In addition to offering regular rail transports, we plan individual, customer-specific solutions, whether it’s an LCL (Less-than-Container Load) or FCL (Full-Container Load).

  • Regular departures from major business centres across Australia
  • Reliable and defined transit times
  • End-to-end online freight tracking
  • Transport insurance
  • Optional customs brokerage

End-to-end Road Freight Transport in Australia

Seatram not only offers road freight in Perth but in every region of mainland Australia. With our many years of experience in freight trucking services and well-established networks across Australia, we transport all types of cargo by road in 20ft and 40ft shipping containers.

  • Regular departures from major business centres across Australia
  • Roadway express trucking
  • GPS-equipped trucks ensure stable truck tracking and monitoring
  • Door-to-Door Delivery
  • LCL and FCL deliveries
  • Optional customs brokerage
  • Transport insurance

Our Rail and Truck Freight Services Include

Roadway Express Trucking

As one of the top bulk freight companies in Australia, we know how important time-dependent deliveries can be in a business’ profitability and customer relations.  This is why express land freight is one of Seatram’s most trusted forms of transportation and an essential component in our end-to-end supply chain services.

Interstate Container Transport throughout Australia

From car shipping throughout Australia to motorcycle transport, industrial equipment and import or export goods, we cover a wide range of interstate freight trucking services, specialising in 20ft and 40ft container deliveries. All Australia-wide haulage jobs are tracked to ensure the safety and integrity of a container whilst in transit.

Drop Trailer Services

Avoid having to pay overtime to load or unload when a truck arrives early or late. Using Seatram’s Drop Trailer Services, you can load or unload a trailer at your convenience. Drop trailer and drop and hook land freight programmes saves you time, money and headaches and will help your company run a smoother, more efficient supply chain operation.

Oversized Truck Freight & Over-dimensional Deliveries

Too big, too heavy or too wide? Exceptional loads call for exceptional freight solutions. We offer you innovative and flexible project loads, irrespective of whether it’s a large production plant, a machine or a bulky component. Our specialists find the ideal transport solution for every case.

Side-loader and Trailer Services

Side-loader shipping container delivery is best suited where there is limited loading space. This loading method gives you the advantage of a quicker transport alternative for long or awkward loads with deliveries anywhere throughout Australia.

LCL Deliveries

Less than Container Load (LCL) is ideal for small land freight transport (usually less than 20 CBM) not requiring the full capacity of a truck container. LCL service is an economical alternative to air freight for smaller, less time-sensitive shipments.

Consolidation Transport Services

As a leading container trucking company, we strive to offer our clients the most cost effective land freight solutions. We create Consolidated Cargo by putting together multiple LCL shipments, offering you a cheaper way to do smaller shipments.

End-to-end Land Freight Forwarding

Seatram offers complete freight solutions: From advising and route planning to transport insurance and Customs Clearance, our team of experienced freight specialists supports you every step of the way and are always at your side to advise.

Transport Insurance

Goods in transit insurance provides comprehensive cover for the cargo being transported – from the moment it’s loaded to the moment the goods are unloaded and accepted at the other end. Choosing Seatram as your container trucking company, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your shipment is secure and always in good hands.

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Looking for dependable land shipment at a competitive cost? We work hard to deliver the best road and rail freight services in Australia to give your business the advantage.

Choosing Seatram as your land freight forwarding partner provides you with full security, online vehicle tracking and most importantly dedicated partnerships with optimal, personalised logistics solutions to your individual needs. We also offer a range of value-added services, which includes Customs Clearance & Biosecurity and 3PL Services.

Let Seatram be the driving force behind your company’s supply chain success. Need more Information about how a professional road forwarder works? We have you covered.