Integrated Logistics Australia

3PL services, warehouse distribution, storage & packing solutions

With 28 years in the freight forwarding industry, Seatram is well versed in the import and export of goods and provides air and sea freight services to a multitude of clients. We also understand that it’s one thing getting your goods to their destination safe and sound, but the work doesn’t stop there. That’s why we offer you intelligent and well thought out Integrated logistics solutions for your business. This includes a variety of warehousing, distribution, storage, containers and packing services. Contact one of Australia’s leading freight companies for more information.

Commercial warehouse storage solutions

Once your goods have arrived, the real work begins. How you manage your goods, in both storage and distribution terms, has a direct impact on the efficiency of your business. That’s why you want to work with an established company with more than 28 years’ experience in providing commercial storage and distribution solutions throughout Australia. We will ensure that your goods are stored safely and securely while allowing you to easily locate and ship them out when the time arrives. Save your company time and money with integrated logistics solutions designed to suit your business’s specific needs.

Packing and unpacking of containers

We’ll ensure that your containers are packed and unpacked efficiently, depending on your requirements. This will allow you peace of mind that you are getting the maximum number of goods into your containers, keeping your shipping costs down. When containers arrive, we will put systems in place to make sure that they go from container to storage in quick time, with the use of minimal resources.

Storage of palletised and unconventional cargoes

When it comes to warehouse and distribution in Australia, especially the problem of storing unusual loads, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure their efficient handing. We will make sure that all goods, no matter what size or shape, are securely stored, with relatively easy access for when they are required.

Approved (ACS) Australian Customs Services bonded facility

We make sure that you have an approved bonded facility for any goods you have imported. Often these goods will need to sit in an Australian regulated bonded facility. Don’t stress, we know what is required, and will ensure that all legal obligations are adhered to.

Additional 3PL services

When it comes to managing the complex logistics of your warehouse storage and distribution needs, we use tried and tested systems, which we will customise to your unique requirements. We also offer dedicated stores operations for mines operating in remote locations, both domestically and internationally. see our warehouse & 3PL Services brochure.

Quarantine wash pad

There is a wide range of rigorous quarantine obligations laid out by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS). These must be strictly adhered to as the Australian Government reserves the right to re-export any cargo that is deemed unsuitable for entry into the country. We’ll make sure that these are all complied with including the use of a quarantine wash pad under certain.

Contact one of Australia’s leading integrated logistics specialists for more information.