Sea Freight Services

Sea Freight Services

International, Experienced Sea Freight Forwarders

Are you looking for the cheapest way to send heavy parcels from the USA to Australia, or want to know how to ship from Australia to Europe without breaking the bank?

Perth-based Seatram is a leading international shipping company specialising in the highest standard of international courier services, including sea freight. Sea freight is one of the most affordable international freight solutions and provides an economical transportation method for individuals relocating to another country, or companies that have large items to import or export.

As an ISO certified company, we adhere to all provisions and requirements of the Quality Management System, which gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your shipment is in good hands. Contact us for more information.

How to Estimate Shipping Time

Time is money, which is why shipping time is an important factor when it comes to sea freight. Among the popular questions we receive from clients are, “How to estimate the shipping time from China to Australia” or “How long does a cargo ship take from the USA to Australia?”

International shipping times are dependent on various factors, one of which includes weather conditions. However, the following typical time estimates on three of the most popular sea freight routes will give you an idea of the type of timeframes involved with ocean freight.

  • Shipping time from China to Perth, Australia: Approximately 14 days
  • Shipping time from USA (east coast) to Perth, Australia: Approximately 36 days
  • Shipping time from the UK to Perth, Australia: Approximately 30 days

At Seatram it’s our mission to offer unparalleled service, which includes empowering our clients with valuable information to put them in control of the arrangements around their shipment. One of the ways in which we do this is through offering a tracking service, which gives clients the ability to track their shipment in real time.

Why work with Seatram:

When searching for an international freight solution, clients often ask, “What is the best freight/cargo company?” With more than 30 years’ experience under our belt, we have established ourselves as a respected overseas shipping company with a track record of outstanding service delivery that’s above industry level. Choosing Seatram as your international shipping partner, you will experience first-hand why our international delivery service is rated among the top in the world:

  • We can negotiate the best international shipping rates
  • We are able to transport anything to anywhere
  • Regular departing of vessels means shorter timeframes
  • You can track your shipment in real time
  • We have an in-house custom clearance services
  • All sea freight shipments are security-cleared before despatch
  • We have the capacity to assist with biosecurity if needed
  • Over 30 years’ experience means more streamlined systems
  • We have dedicated, expert staff that go above and beyond
  • We offer a range of specialised services to suit your requirements
  • We offer no-obligation, FREE quotes
  • Convenient and easy online payments

Full-service, Licensed Shipping Agency

We understand how time consuming the documentation and applications for importing products are. We speed up the process by preparing and lodging import documentation to assist you with your goods clearance requirements in Australia, saving you time and money. As licensed shipping agents and an established and respected container shipping company, we offer a full service for sea freight from or to Perth. This includes export, import, as well as warehouse and distribution.

With an all-in-one international courier service provider handling every aspect of your international shipment, you can sit back and relax, knowing that we have everything under control.

Import duties assistance

Although sea freight is one of the cheapest ways to send large parcels overseas, international shipping costs and import duties can be quite complex. This is one of the reasons we often get asked questions lie, “What is the cheapest way to ship from China?” or “What is the easiest way to send a package to Australia from China?”

When it comes to your import duties, we will assist you with tariff advice, concession and inspection applications, as well as any quarantine requirements. As a sea freight forwarder, we can also assist you in linking your products and services to international suppliers. We also offer services to deliver your freight from the USA to Australia, which makes reaching international clients and expanding your business simpler and more attainable.

Trust Seatram for all your cargo shipping enquiries, whether it’s for export, import or warehousing and distribution. You can count on us for high quality service and that we will deliver your shipment on time and within budget, every time. Contact us today or call us on 9499 8100.